Jewel Winters, a twenty-four-year-old single mother, has struggled
all her life. As a child she battled her verbally abusive, alcoholic mother. Now, as a young adult, she's barely making ends meet,
lacks self-confidence, and regrets not pursuing higher education. Despite her many hardships, Jewel is determined to live a decent, fulfilling life and to be a good example to her own daughter. Her determination is shattered when she realizes Brett Samuels, her long-term boyfriend, may not be the father of their three-year old
daughter, Morgan. This knowledge leads to a tragic accident,
which sets Jewel's life on a downward spiral.

Revelations exposes the painstaking emotional journey of a young woman who aspires to overcome the obstacles in her life – some of her own making.

Will Jewel prevail over the affects of behaving badly? Will she heal from past hurts? Can she open up her heart to be loved again?

Lies, secrets, treachery and forgiveness lie behind every turn of this fascinating and wrenching story of hard-won triumph.

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Jamie Clarke was once a devoted, loving wife, mother and God-fearing Christian; however, those traits quickly diminish after she endures a double dose of betrayal and deception. First, Jamie is devastated when her pastor is publicly exposed for his salacious indiscretions with his mistress. Then Jamie is further scarred when her husband Alonzo's hidden secrets are revealed.

For weeks, Jamie is overcome with depression and grief, feeling trapped in an emotional prison. That is, until she decides to soothe her pain by turning to a lifestyle of sin. Jamie's new way of life causes her to abandon her morals and values, break her marriage vows, neglect her teenage son, and put her health at risk. It isn't until she is faced with a life or death circumstance that Jamie is forced to evaluate if she wants to regain control of her life or continue stepping out on sin.

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Fraternal twins Tori and Dani Prescott share the same blood type and the same birth date, but the most prevalent likeness is the disdain they share toward one another. Their fraternal friction began in the womb and followed them throughout childhood, adolescence, and ultimately spilled into adulthood. Despite the pleas of their parents to put an end to their senseless feuding, these twins, at twenty-eight years old, refuse to cease fire.

Tori Prescott's joyful and lively personality shines through her flawless, brassy brown skin. Working as a teacher's assistant, she is a kind, loving, spiritually grounded woman, but her faith is frequently tested when she finds herself the recipient of her twin sister's revenge tactics.

Dani Prescott is the beautiful, intelligent, dark chocolate sister who has the best of everything, including a successful career as an assistant principal. Dani's biggest issue is not being able to let go of the past. She detests her sister, and will stop at nothing to hurt her.

As these twin sisters engage in one battle after another, they are oblivious to the annihilation they are causing within their family—until they get a grim wake-up call when tragedy strikes the Prescott clan. Will this heartbreak finally bring the feuding twins together, or will it cause further destruction?

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Six months prior to their wedding, Stormy Adair Knight, learns that her fiancé, Camden Brooks, is cheating on her -- with another parishioner from their church! After this revelation, the wedding is called off due to Camden's unfitness for marriage. But months later, Stormy is informed that God has “delivered” Camden from the demons that made him unfit for marriage. Bel ieving in Camden's transformation, Stormy agrees to marry Camden . Their lavish ceremony and expensive honeymoon signal the start of a wonderful married life.

Once married, Stormy is in turmoil when she discovers Camden hasn't changed at all. And if that isn't enough, a scorned, ex-lover from Camden 's past resurfaces and begins to stalk them all.

Will Stormy and Camden 's marriage fall apart after enduring explosive episodes of scandal, lies and deceit, or will they withstand the turmoil and live happily ever after?