If your book club has chosen any of m novels for your monthly selection, please let me
know by e-mail. Perhaps I will be able to 'attend' a meeting, answer your questions or offer some
insight that can make your reading experience more meaningful.

A Special Thank You to the following book clubs for your support:

African American Sisters In Spirit Book Club (ASiS)
Lorton, VA

APOOO Book Club
Online Reading Group

Cover To Cover Book Club
Prince George's County, MD

People Who Love Good Books
Online Reading Group

Conversations Book Club
Jackson, MS

Savvy Book Club
Jackson, MS

Mindful Thinkers Book Club
Dallas, Texas

Sweet Soul Sisters Book Club
Prince George's County, MD

OOSA Online Book Club

Page by Page Book Club
Baltimore, MD

B~more Readers with W.I.S.D.O.M Book Club
Baltimore, MD

La B.E.L.S. Book Club
Baltmimore, MD

Anew Minds In Motion Book Club
Baltimore, MD





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